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Birthdate:Oct 24
Location:United States of America

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30 seconds to mars, alice cullen, all-american rejects, amy lee, animals, august 4th, babe, babies, baby books, baby pictures, baby stuff, baby toys, baby's due date, bears, being a mommy, being comfortable, being outside, bella cullen, bella swan, black, blinkies, blue, blue sky, body art, body piercings, books, bowling for soup, boys ii men, breaking dawn, bunnies, burger king, butterflies, cabbage patch kids, candles, carlisle cullen, cd-r, cds, christopher pike, coldplay, cookbooks, cooking, counting crows, dean koontz, dexter, dogs, drinking, dvds, earrings, eclipse, edward cullen, eeyore, eminem, emmett cullen, esme cullen, evanescence, fantasy, fast food, finding nemo, fish, free downloads, free stuff, friends, gilmore girls, glitters, graphics, green day, grey faerie, haili, haili jean, hardees breakfast gravy, house, ice cream, icons, itunes, jacob black, jasper hale, josh, joshy, july 11th, kougras, kristen stewart, lady gaga, learning new things, lilo and stitch, linkin park, live, lj communities, madison rayne, making graphics, manson, marilyn manson, matthew lilliard, michael allen, midnight sun, money, movies, music, my car, my computer, my family, my madison rayne, my michael allen, my own apartment, mythology, neopets, new moon, november 14th, october 24th, panic! at the disco, paramore, pictures, piercings, pink, pizza, plain white tees, pooh, pooh bear, pregnancy, puppies, purple, push, reading, remember me, rings, robert pattinson, rocky, rosalie hale, runescape, seether, shopping, simple plan, sleep, slippers, something borrowed, sonograms, stephen king, sunny weather, swimming, tattoos, teddy bears, the diary of v, the library, toys r us, trouble puppy, tv, twilight, twilight series, vampires, videos, web art, wendys, whiner, winnie the pooh, writing, xtina, yurbles, zoos
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