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Hi! Welcome to my lil place on the internet. As you can see, my Journal became Friends Only (as of February 8, 2007). I would be happy to add you, but first, let me introduce myself and tell you a bit about me.

*My name is Audrey. I am 29 years old. I have two small children, Michael and Madison, and my family occupies most of my life, and therefore, most of my journal. I am married to Joshua and he is a wonderful man and a great provider.*

*I like the Gilmore Girls, True Blood, Doctor Who (which is new too me, still playing catch up), House, Dexter, Teen Mom, and a few other shows as well.*

*I'm a wee bit obsessed with the Twilight Saga.*

*I love my family.*

*I work part time. I do not have the financial resources to be a stay at home mom, and sometimes this makes me sad.*

*I am a real person, with real feelings.*

*I have struggled with weight issues my whole life.*

*We just bought our first home in late 2009. It's a trip and it's scary sometimes.*

*I do friends sweeps every few months. This doesn't mean I delete people at random, it means I take a look at the people on my friends list and determine if they a) ever update, b) if we have stuff in common, and c) if we actually communicate with each other ever. I don't make a big deal about it as the people removed don't really talk to me anyhow so you'll rarely see anything about it.*

*I make graphics at [ profile] luvforever_icon. And if you happened here from there, great ;) But if you only want to add me to request graphics/be on my loved list/or because you like my graphics, please reconsider. I will be keeping up with my friends list and you won't stay long if we don't have anything in common.*

So, if you are still interested, or want to know anything else, please feel free to comment here :)

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Hello, 'tis I! I don't really use livejournal but I created one just to see yours. I have myspace and facebook and that's enough for me. I just wanted to tell you that you are a beautiful person with a beautiful family, and I hope I eventually have one like that. :)

See you around Neopets!

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Re: Friends?

p.s., the picture is of me and my friend, also named Sam, folling around with ridiculous sunglasses in Menard's. :) I am the one on the left.

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Hey love, do you still fiddle with graphic design? I had a favor to ask if you do.

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I just need a really simple banner for the top of my melo. Just the words "When we build these dreams on sand how they all slip through our hands". White background.

Thats the page I need it for. Thanks. I don't have any editing software on this laptop.

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Do you know about what size you'd want? Color preferance? I'll work on it tonight.

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Just to go across the top, above the links? It doesn't have to be fancy or anything.

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If one of those don't work, let me know what needs done (like smaller/bigger ect)

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This one is smaller too.

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hi! i saw you were looking for friends in meet_other_moms! i'm kara, 20, married to sean & we have a almost-7 month old little boy named gunner! we have some of the same interests... i'm currently a SAHM, but have never done this before! first time mother, i mean. :) also love my family to death & am a graphic/web designer and i love photos!

anyway, friends?

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Hey! I saw your ad at the add-me comm and I'd love to add you. The things I particularly liked were you being a parent and married. Me being the same, I think we can relate. I'll add you, give my journal a look, and add me back if you want to.